What will we do next holiday?


One fine day, I went to CFD with Casey. It's a beautiful Sunday morning. I made a conversation about school and new year holiday.

Sonya : "Casey, did you already done your homework?"
Casey : "What's homework, Son?" 
Sonya : "Frau Nur's homework."
Casey : "Oh, yes, of course i already did it."
Sonya : "Really? Wow. This week i'm so tired. Too many activities and homework."
Casey : "Yes, of course i feel it too. I'm waiting the next holiday. But it's sooo long"
Sonya : "I miss my holiday :'( "
Casey : "So, when it's holiday, what will you go then?"
Sonya : "I think I will go to my aunt's house at Amsterdam, but it's just planning but I hope I can go there."
Casey : "Amazing! I want to go there too! But, when it's holiday I will go to Jakarta with my elementary school friends, I will go to Dufan, swim at Anyer Beach, go to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, and maybe just shopping at Kota Casablanca Mall."
Sonya : "WOWWW!! that's so amazing!!  I want to join it, but I dont know your friends. and besides, I said I want to go to Amsterdam. It's winter when I get there at end of the year. I will play ski with my cousins, and maybe just a city trip to look around Amsterdam city. Oh, yes!! I almost forgot one thing, I will go to Amsterdam windmills and see a lot of beautiful tulip flower! OMG I'm so excited! I can't wait!"
Casey : "Uhhh! You make me jealous about your holiday, Sonya! HAHA" 
Sonya : "Really? Yours is more attractive than mine, but, let me think, why don't we do our holiday together?"
Casey : "That's a great idea, Sonya!"
Sonya : "Let's we go to Pulau Seribu! My father has a villa there! We can stay there and enjoy our life!"
Casey : "Really really bad idea, Sonya! HAHAHA"
Sonya : "HAHAA! We can ask other to join our holiday, like, Yasmin or Dina, or Sarah maybe?
Casey : "SURE! I will ask them to join us."
Sonya : "OK, just call me if they said yes."
Casey : "I really can't wait the beginning of the year!"
Sonya : "Me too, Cas!"
?????? : "Do you both said my name?
Casey : "Sarah! where have you been? We're just talking about our holiday plan, and made holiday plan together! Do you want to join us?"
Sarah : "I'm searching for money for FESBUD event. What? Really? Of course yes! Where will we go then?"
Sonya : "Pulau Seribu!"
Sarah : "But, I'm not promise. I have another plan with my family."
Casey : "Where will you go, Sar?"
Sarah : "Me and my family wants to go to Singapore, but my dad have not bought the ticket."
Sonya : "Wooww! OK then, I hope we can make our plan comes true, cause I'm REALLY EXCITED!!"
Sarah : "Me tooo!!" 

So, at the end, me and Casey made a holiday plan with our friends. It's so fun. I can't wait the beginning of the year holiday. We all students need rest, and refreshing after we study almost a half of year.


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