Who is Sonya?

Hello its Raden Shafiyyah Aathifah Sonya, but you can call me Sonya. 

Im 15 and happy. I was born in Bandung, May 18th from a talented woman and super daddy. I also have 2 brothers, one elder brother and one younger brother. My elder brother is a doctor want-to-be and my younger brother is a student of SMPN 7 Bandung. That's all about my family and my privacy.

Let's move on to my daily life!
I am a student of SMAN 3 Bandung, and for your information, right now im thinking aboout 'how to tell you guys about my personality' but I have no idea. I think, I am an in&extrovert person. like, sometimes I want to be alone all of the time, but sometimes I cant be quiet. Ya, maybe right now you think that Im a moody-person, but yeah thats me. I have sooooo many friends that always there beside me, and I love them all. I love cats too!! LIKE I REALLY LOVE ITTT!! but I cant pet them cause my mom bother me to do.

By the way, someday, I want to be a dentist. I want to get a invitation to Padjajaran University and continue my study in Holland or German. But, I also want to be a lawyer cause my dad is a intel and im really proud of him! But, my dad is really protective. He doesnt want his the-only-one daughter, study about law or to be a lawyer, I dont know why. But, im so in love with freedom so, if i love to do something, i wont listen to everyone. Thats my weakness.

Um, fyi, lately I have opened my new page in my life. I choose to be a hijaber and thats the hardest part of my life. I still love to comb my hair and show my black-wavy hair. but, my love to allah is bigger than I love my hair:) 

So, thats all about me, nice to tell you guys!


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