Unforgettable Moment

THANKS Mr. Ojol!!

Saturday night, I really really remember that i went to Trans Studio Mall with my friends. We watched movie, ate ice cream, and took some photos at Jonas Photo. I really had fun that day, until i realized that was already dark outside. It's about 8 o'clock, so i thought at that time i must go home as fast as i can before my mom attack me with her superpower (misscall).

So i ordered GO-Jek, because of my brother couldn't pick me up at that time. I wait and wait, until the driver sent me a message that he already outside. So, i went outside, say goodbye to my friends, and left my friends. But, a mnute later, i realized that already wet outside. Like, oh my god, "How can i go home?" but i just dont mind it and there was a lot of children that offers me to accompany me through the rain with umbrella. So, i call one of them to do it. When i met Mr. Ojol and bring off my money, i realize, that my money is borrowed by my friend, then, I decided to search my friend. I looked around TSM but theres nothing.....

So i just back again, and asks the driver, 'Can I borrow your money?' The driver nicely said, 'Yes, of course.'. So, he gave me money and i gave the money to the children and got home with him. When i arrived home, I pay the fee, debt, plus tips.

Thanks to Mr. Ojol, you saved my life, and my parents didnt get angry with me. Thanks God.


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