Friday Funday New Friends Everyday!!

So, today is Friday, and im going to TBI for english course. Its my very first time join in the class, so, lets see how fun it is!
Teachers : Hello everyone! I'm Darma, you can call me Mr. Darma. I'm your teacher today, so right now i would like you to introduce yourself, start from you.
Shinta : Hi guys! I'm Shinta from 5 Senior High School. Nice to meet you all.
Genta : Hi! I'm Genta from St. Ursula Senior High School. I hope we can be friends:)
Me : Hello! I'm Sonya from 3 Senior High School. Nice to meet you all.
Mr. Darma : So, because today is our first day, i'll give you all 10 minutes to know each other.
Genta : Hi Sonya, Shinta, what grade are you two?
 Me :  I'm a tenth grader.
Shinta : I'm in the eleventh grade. How about you?
Genta : Same with Sonya. Hey, Sonya, are you Jena's friends?
Sonya : Yes! Have we met before?
Genta : Yes, Jena introduced us at Starbucks.
Sonya : Really? I am so sorry, i forgot, but relax, now i think i remember we've met before.
Shinta : I think i know Jena. Jena is a student of Edu Senior High School right?
Genta & Sonya : Yes! 
Sonya : It's funny. We all know Jena.
Genta : Sure hahaha. Shinta, where do you live?
Shinta : I live on Haremis street 15. What about you two?
Sonya : I live on Babakan Ciamis street 32.
Genta : I live on Sangkuriang street 2. Can i have your phone number?
Shinta : 081122334455
Sonya : 081166778899
Genta : OK thanks!
Mr. Darma : So hey guys! Introduce time is over, lets we learn about Past Tense Continuous.
Sonya, Shinta, & Genta : OK sir!
Thats the dialogue between me, Genta, Shinta, and Mr. Darma at our first day in TBI. Today is rrreeeaaallllyyy funn!! And, TGIF! Friday Funday New Friends Everyday!! 


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